The goal:
Travelling as sustainable as possible for one month

How are we going to do this?

Low Car Diet 2021 is the mobility competition that challenges employees to travel as sustainable as possible for one month straight. They only have one goal; as little CO­2 emissions as possible. From the 17th of May, organisations will compete against one another hoping to win prices and the Low Car Diet cup.

Participate in 2021

If your organisation participates, an enthusiastic activation team will visit you in the month before the Low Car Diet starts (March/April 2021) to recruit as many employees as possible to join the team. A press conference follows that allows the employees of your organisation to meet their opponents. National press will report on this day. On the 17th of May we will assure that participants are prepared well at the start of the competition; everyone tries to travel as sustainable as possible for one month.

The Fynch Smart Mobility App measures all CO2 emissions and allows us to publish the interim results. On the last day of the Low Car Diet the participants are invited for a festive award ceremony. Of course, the Low Car Diet team will guide you from A to Z and everything will be done to bring the enthusiasm and results to great heights. Below you will find the seven stages that we will go through during the event.