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The Dutch industry will commute as sustainable as possible from the 17th of May 2021. The goal: reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. Show up at the start and engage in the battle of the most sustainable trips!

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Kom in beweging

Thé mobility competition of the Netherlands

When an organisation registers, it will receive a recruitment package. Together we will raise as many employees as possible to join the team. Everyone can participate! We will prepare you for a perfect start and we will coach you throughout the entire competition. Travelling sustainably has never been that much fun!

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Facts & Figures

  • organisatie

    44 %

    organisations have gone before you

  • deelnemers

    87 %

    participants travelled sustainably during Low Car Diet

  • co2

    7 uur

    The CO2; emissions have been reduced with 50%

  • kosten

    38 %

    Reduction of 20%-30% on participants´ travel expenses

  • auto

    30 min

    The amount of travelled car kilometres decreased by 40%

  • fiets

    38 %

    Participants cycle twice as much during Low Car Diet



Participants in the behavioural program Low Car Diet continuously make 35% fewer car kilometres

These organisations have gone before you

These organisations have gone before you

Do you as an organisation want to get to know more about the travel behaviour of your employees? And do you want to challenge them in an exciting way to change their behaviour individually, and therefore contribute to a cheaper, healthier and more sustainable way of travelling? Have a look down here to see which companies have gone before you.

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  • Sinds ik veel thuiswerk merk ik dat het lastiger is om aan mijn dagelijkse beweging te komen. Door mee te doen aan de Frisse Neus campagne en ik mijn gedrag terug kan zien in de Fynch App ben ik me er veel meer van bewust. Ik probeer nu echt aan die 30 minuten beweging per dag te komen. Soms is dat tijdens het bellen, het wegbrengen van de kinderen of simpelweg een rondje door de buurt. Tegenwoordig begint onze meeting ook altijd met de rondvraag wie zijn Frisse Neus al heeft gehaald.

    Jasper Otto